Pricing can be a pain

hand with money in it
Of all the functions that you have to perform when running your own business, pricing is the most stressful. Quite often, as potential customers don’t buy signage all the time; the first question in an initial enquiry is for an indication of cost. ‘How much roughly would it be for a bit of blah blah blah. ‘Depends’ is the honest but frustrating reply. Depends how much signage you want/need? How complex? Do you have artwork already that can be used to at least get an idea of how its going to look or are you starting from scratch and need designing for as well.

Quite often if initial design work is involved the producer is left with the dilemma of whether to ask for something up front which could put the customer off but would help to ensure the producer didn’t waste there time working on a proposal and price that doesn’t get approved.

Working for nothing is rubbish.