The Ugly Truth

small blue drainage maintenance van with reflective chevrons
reflective chevrons

Its 30 after midnight. I’m slightly inebriated with just 2 large bottles of Peroni. My Girlfriend/Partner is snoring beside me on the couch and TROPIC THUNDER 2008 is droning on above my laptop screen on the telly. This is not glamarous or idyllic like an advert for a MACBOOK PRO.

But the MAC does function well for posting this content and making the signage for the van in the above picture, and I’m told that the High Visibility Graphics above have worked well for the Road Works company who paid for the van graphics. And i’m equally sure the drainage works well for my customers customers. Mmmm, where is this going?

Like Peterson says when we work/make we are rescuing/creating order from chaos.

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