Magnetic Signs


2 magnetic vinyl sheets with light blue vinyls
set of magnet vinyls

Its well established that sign writing your vehicle is an excellent way to advertise your business

But what do you do when you don’t want to advertise 24 hours a day?

Magnetic sign are a good solution to your problem.

Magnetics can be removed and replaced when necessary.

There basically cost the same to produce as any other van graphics plus the cost of the magnetic material.

This kind of magnetic signage is best sorted flat when not used.

Storing them flat will prolong their life span.

Making sure there is no dirt or debris between the magnetic and the vehicle body work ensures they stay on while in motion.

Don’t be tempted to affix magnetic to the front of your ride or the car behind could receive your sign on their windscreen!
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Van livery from Signserve

Fantastic looking van livery for an up and coming company.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your business. Van livery can be seen by thousands of customers everyday.
you really have to question anyone not seeing this as a good investment.

Signserve only use materials and methods with a proven record for longevity, durability and fitness of purpose. You can be confident of a good result and increase brand awareness using Signserve for your signage.

Large white van with multi-coloured cut vinyl graphics
Spothost van livery
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Plant Machinery Graphics

Seeing new busineses and fitting at there premises is always interesting. Fitting vinyl signage to expensive plant machinery is also interesting. Trying to write about theses things and make it interesting is interesting as well.

Proper access to fit these sort of graphics is vital. Clean well prepared surfaces helps the adhesion of the decals and reduces the incidence of failure.    Payment isn’t mandatory however. These graphics can be seen from the river Clyde in King George the fifth docks.

Signserve only use materials, methods, with a proven track record of longevity, durability and fitness of purpose. So you can be assured of maximum impact and low down time while fitting is happening. Working during unsociable hours is expected in this type of work.

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Answers to some common questions

blackened white cat
Answering service

Signserve only use methods and materials with a proven track
record for longevity, durability, and fitness
for propose.

Graphics  therefore should last for up to 5-8 years.

We ask your van is generally clean when
dropped of at my premises.

All  graphics can be removed without harm to
a normal paintwork.

Our graphics will not harm any vehicle with properly
applied paintwork.

On average we ask for your vehicle for 1 day.
This again will depend on coverage and complexity.

Hope you found this helpful.

Sign Writing Vans

large van with vinyl sign writing
Vinyl sign writing for vans

Signserve-Glasgow appreciates the ex-pats travelling all the way from Tarbet.

Argyll windows and repairs had their van sign written with quality vinyl. Because we only use good good materials.

The weather in Glasgow was threatening as you can see in the picture but failed to spoil the day.

Signserve is hopeful to be able to travel to Tarbet the next time to complete some work as the scenery is outstanding over there.

Subcontracting for other design professionals

There’s crossover between Designers, printers and sign writers.

Due to similar practices it saves work load to co-operate.

Sometime the designer that’s putting your stationary together is asked to propose your van livery.  This often leads to the graphic designer finding your sign writer.

Signserve is always happy to supply a price to fit or supply signage because it makes sense and saves time.  Sign makers, Graphic Designers, Printers, and other contractors are looking to expand there range of services.

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James Martin Signserve

The Ugly Truth

small blue drainage maintenance van with reflective chevrons
reflective chevrons

Its 30 after midnight. I’m slightly inebriated with just 2 large bottles of Peroni. My Girlfriend/Partner is snoring beside me on the couch and TROPIC THUNDER 2008 is droning on above my laptop screen on the telly. This is not glamarous or idyllic like an advert for a MACBOOK PRO.

But the MAC does function well for posting this content and making the signage for the van in the above picture, and I’m told that the High Visibility Graphics above have worked well for the Road Works company who paid for the van graphics. And i’m equally sure the drainage works well for my customers customers. Mmmm, where is this going?

Like Peterson says when we work/make we are rescuing/creating order from chaos.

Poetry in the form of signage.

Black transit van with colourful sign markings
Black transit van with colourful sign markings

Some people make spurious claims about the impact that fantastic looking stickers can have on the visual environment and its benefits to the greater good of humanity and i’m no different. Some colour can make everyone feel better about everything especially when it is against a shiny black surface. So start a business and take control of your own life and choose Signserve in Glasgow to make your signs.

“imagine”, “discover”, “picture”

small white van with black flood coated panels with cut vinyls
flood coated panels and cut vinyls

Imagine how much interest in your trade you will generate when you are driving around your work area in a signed van.

Discover for yourself the increase in confidence and validation that a professionally lettered van will inspire in your target clientele.

Pretend that you’re a potential customer that needs the services that you can offer.

How would you perceive a tradesman with his trade permanently pictured on his transport.

Someone with a plain van could look more professional.

Probably the oldest pub(site) in Glasgow

Van graphics for the Kirkhouse pub in Shettleston Road. The job was a Ford custom van with black flood coated panels and white/gold cut vinyl text and logo displaying businesss name, tagline, address and contact details . To raise the profile of the pub, add to the brand value and make the van look good at the cash and carry. Work carried out at Baillieston in Glasgow’s sunny east-end from Monday the 19th Feb, carried over to Tuesday. Find us on Facebook was added later at no extra cost.

white van with flood coated black panels and white calligraphic text
Flood coated panels